Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

I was riding my tri-bike and had a flat tire about 2 miles away. I called Billy’s service to check if they repair flats. The owner came and picked me up at not charge. They repaired my tire and off I went. 10 miles later I had another flat. I returned to the their shop and they repaired it at no charge. I do not even think it was there fault. This was my own bike and they did not need to do this. This is awesome service and I will always refer them to others. I have already told my story to multiple people. Thanks Billy!!

What is legal on sanibel?

Class 1 Pedal assist.


They rent ROAD BIKES!

We have been visiting Sanibel Island for many years. I talked with one of the guys at Billy’s rentals and found out their bike shop across the street has been renting road bikes for years. The Bike Shop had my size in stock and I was able to ride it back to the condo that day! I already put in my reservation for next year!

We are proud to serve our community and customers.

Enjoy Sanibel Island with Billy!

Billy has always loved helping make your vacation to South West Florida the best and most memorable so we offer multiple locations on Sanibel Island, here is a shortlist of which each place offers… be sure to check the websites for more detailed rental options.

1. Billy’s Rentals

1470 Periwinkle way.
Our main rental location with a wide selection of bikes and beach equipment.
Exclusive rental items: Surrey bikes, beach wheelchairs, wheelchair tandem bicycles , and gas motor scooters.

2.Billy’s Rentals West & Billy’s Bike Shop @ Baileys Shopping center

2437 Periwinkle way.
Our storefront offers new bike sales, clothing, parts, bike repairs by appointment.
Rentals including most of the rental inventory selection of bikes and beach equipment.
Exclusive rental items: SUP РStand Up Paddle Boards SUP and mobility  scooters.

Exclusive High-Performance rental items: Road Bikes, CaTrikes, pedal assist ebikes, and flat bar bikes.